Maloja and Isola

the entrance to the Engadine

Between the Engadine and the Maloja Pass, which descends steeply to the Bergell, at an altitude of 1,815 meters, lies the village of Maloja.

On the border with the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, Maloja has a simple atmosphere, the genius of the famous painter and the beauty of nature and culture of a village on the pass. The fascinating interplay of light and shadow of the landscape has always attracted various artists. Giovanni Segantini himself chose Maloja as his last home, as well as a source of inspiration and subject for many of his works. Alberto Giacometti's father also worked and painted in Maloja, and his artistic spirit still inspires exhibitions, lectures and concerts today.

Maloja - in summer
The pass village is popular with hikers, art lovers and families. The Segantini Trail provides an insight into Maloja, while the Smugglers' Trail - Capel - is a great way to spend a day following the history of smuggling between Italy and Switzerland. The Kukuk playground is suitable for adults and children, and the Cavloccio lake, at 1907 meters above sea level, is also suitable for swimming.
Maloja is also connected to the entire network of cycle paths in the Upper Engadine and is the starting point of the famous Inn Cycle Path, which runs from Maloja through various regions of Switzerland to Passau in Germany.

Map in summer

Maloja - in winter
The starting point for the Engadin Skimarathon, Maloja is a Mecca for cross-country skiers. For families, the Pony Lift and the new Snowtubing facility provide safe fun. Children can ride down the slope in snow tubes, wearing helmets. The Aela ski area, which is sunny all winter long, offers slopes for young and old alike.

Winter map

The hamlet of Isola
Halfway along the cantonal road between Maloja and the village of Sils Maria, on the opposite side of the lake, you will see the small, idyllic and picturesque village of Isola. Isola is the last hamlet of Val Bregaglia before the Engadine and is a 1 hour walk from both Maloja and Sils Maria. From a mountain pasture inhabited mainly during the summer by the farmers of Stampa and Borgonovo, over the years Isola has become an ideal destination for those who need a period of tranquility. Peace is in fact assured thanks to the distance from the urban network. In winter it is a popular destination not only for those who practice cross-country skiing but also for those who simply walk on the frozen lake enjoying the sun.

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