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Serge Alder, director (100%), strategy, budget and finance, plan of action and implementation, internal and external communication, general administration, coordination and communication between municipalities, tourism operator, tourism commission, product development and design, projects
Tosca Giovanoli, back office support (10%), organization events.
Veronika Rall, head of communication (30%), website coordination, press relations and social media.
Paola Gianotti, website coordinator (60%), marketing assistance, planning and event marketing, tourist advisor.
Marisa Clal├╝na, tourist advisor (80%) at Maloja information office.
Fabienne Schmid, tourist advisor (80%) at Soglio information office.

Bregaglia Engadin Turismo
Strada principale 101
CH-7605 Stampa


Stampa T +41 81 822 15 55
Maloja  T +41 81 824 31 88
Soglio   T +41 81 811 17 49 (open during the summer)
Fax +41 81 822 16 44
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