Current condition

Information  on current trail conditions

  • The panoramic route Roticcio - Vicosoprano remains closed until further notice.
    Closure notice

  • The Soglio - Savogno panorama trail remains closed until further notice. The path is closed at this point ( see map )

  • Val Bondasca is partially closed for an indefinite period. Capanna Sciora SAC and all hiking trails in Val Bondasca remain closed.

  • Maloja: Due to the works on the Maloja - Isola road, the transition will be limited and only passable on Saturdays and Sundays. Work period: 13.-30.05. / 03.-07.06.2024.

  • Maloja-Sils: Due to logging at Sass Margun, the path from the Sils boat landing stage to Isola will be closed from 6.5.24 until probably 31.5.24.

  • Casaccia: Due to logging in Bleis Pungella, the panoramic trail between Casaccia and Löbbia will be closed from 6.5.2024 for safety reasons. A detour via Suraua Casaccia / Löbbia will be possible

  • Stampa: Due to the renovation of the Coltura - Caccior road, the transition will be limited. Period of works: 08.-19.04. / 22.-26.04.2024.

  • Soglio: Plazza can only be reached on foot or by postal car. Soglio Plazza has no parking spaces.

  • Bondo: Due to the construction site in Bondo and Promontogno the parking spaces between restaurant Fanconi and crotto Semadeni will be discontinued from mid-March 2023 until the end of 2024.

  • P&R possibilities: PP Stampa, PP Vicosoprano.

Updated on 22.03.2024

In winter the trails are not maintained and due to snow and ice it is not recommended to walk on mountain trails. 

Guard dogs  –  the right behaviour

Where hikers, cyclists, encounter herds protected by guard dogs, conflicts may arise. To prevent incidents official guard dogs are carefully trained and their owners must observe specific. However, the correct behaviour of the public towards these dogs is equally important.

Film: How to behave when encountering a guard dog

If you want to avoid encounters with guard dogs find all the summer pastures where guard dogs come into use on our interactive online. At the beginning of summer they are also listed on the geographical portal of the federal government and SwitzerlandMobility, but only updated once a year. Wherever possible further information is provided for hikers and cyclists (e.g. sections that are kept clear by fences or telephone contact for direct information).

Interactive map: Alpe with CPG

SwitzerlandMobility App 

We take responsibility - Das Bündner Bergmanifest

More and more people are attracted to the mountains. In order to keep our nature intact, we have to take care of it and respect it. The "Grison Mountain Manifest" shows how to behave and treat all mountain creatures with respect by observing ten simple rules.

4 Wildtiere5 Fairtrail

6 Feuer7 Touren8 Biker9 ÖV10 Hofladen

1. We do not leave garbage 2. We stay overnight only where it is allowed 3. We cross alpine pastures with caution 4. We observe wildlife from distance 5. We share trails with other users 6. We light bonfires only at designated places 7. We choose trails that are appropriate for our abilities 8. We stay on marked trails 9. We travel by public transportation 10. We buy regional products and support local economy


Flyer safe encounter with guard dogs  Flyer safe encounter with mother cows



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