Chestnut Festival

26 September to 24 October 2020



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In the southwest of Val Bregaglia, between the villages of Soglio, Bondo and Castasegna, you can find the largest chestnut groves in Europe. Their fruit, the sweet chestnut, has long played an important role as a crisis-proof food in our southern valley of the Swiss Alps. October marks the beginning of the harvest season, which has always been celebrated by the farmers with a good drink of wine and chestnuts roasted on the fire.

The Chestnut Festival continues in this tradition and aims to bring this precious food back to our guests. For four weeks we organise interesting guided tours, delicious tastings and varied walks around the chestnut. There are concerts, readings and lectures. Very much in demand are the introductions to the secrets of the chestnut tart, which our confectioners and pastry chefs reveal. And we celebrate, bigger and smaller parties, to which we invite everyone very warmly. This year the traditional "Chestnut Festival" will be presented with a new name and in a completely different way, "Al dì di Brascher" scheduled for Sunday 11th October, in the villages of Castasegna, Bondo and Soglio.



Here are some special highlights from the programme:

You can find our complete programme here.

Attention, applies to all activities of the Chestnut Festival 2020: Insurance is the responsability of the participants. The organizers decline all responsibility.

Finally, one more request: The chestnut trees are privately owned, their cultivation takes much time and energy. We kindly ask you not to enter the groves or collect chestnuts. There are designated collection points at Soglio Plazza and Brentan Castasegna. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Areas for the free collection of chestnuts (for own use):
- In Plazza (busline Promontogno-Soglio). Coming from Promontogno, the area is on the left.
- In Brentan, on the trail between Plazza and Castasegna (approx. 1 km from Castasegna)
Map of the areas

"Chestnut beating" in November with

Marco and Heidi Giovanoli, in Plazza
Felix and Verena Brügger, in Plazza
Ivana Engler-Picenoni, in Bondo near the church of S. Martino

The day of the chestnut beating is determined by the day they are harvested and dried in the cascine. Usually that is in the second half of November. On our website the current dates are communicated a few days in advance so that you can find out and participate.

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