Lägh da Cavloc and Val Forno

 Idyllic Alpine lake 


Lake Cavloc is a popular destination for hikers in summer and winter.

The short path to the lake is easily accessible in all seasons: in summer by bike, with pushchairs or simply on foot, in winter on groomed slopes on foot or cross-country skis or with snowshoes. During the hot season, the bravest ones venture for a swim in the lake while the barbecue areas and the wood provided by the municipality invite to get there together, around a nice firer. In the little restaurant Cavloc, open only in summer, you can taste local delicacies and for those who do not want to return home empty hand at the alp Cavloc you can buy the most delicious Mascarplin, a fresh local goat cheese.  

From Cavloc, hikers can continue for a few hours on high mountain paths until they reach the Forno mountainhut (also open in winter) or follow the path to the Bitabergh Lake and head then back to Maloja.

In winter, Lake Cavloc, which is located at an altitude of 1907 m and has a surface area of only 0.12 square kilometres, is one of the first lakes to freeze, making it a very popular spot for ice skating.

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Val Forno and SAC Hut


The SAC Hut at 2547 m is connected to Maloja by two hiking trails, one at the bottom of the valley and one traversing the western flank of the Pizzo dei Rossi. These two paths, each a hike of approx. 4-5 hours, are of medium difficulty and can be combined into a day trip or divided into two stages with an overnight stay at the Capanna Forno. Starting from the hut, experienced hikers can conquer the surrounding peaks of Monte del Forno, Cima dei Rossi and Cima di Val Bona in just a few hours. The Capanne del Forno is also an ideal place to eat and spend the night for multi-stage Alpine hikes, such as the Alpino Bregaglia trail or the Bernina Sud trail.

The climbing park surrounding the hut has many easy to medium-level routes, ideal for beginners; while more experienced mountaineers can explore the peaceful surrounding peaks.

The Albigna area is a popular destination in summer but almost unknown in winter. The Forno valley instead, is a popular destination for skiers, especially towards the end of the season, from March to May, when the Capanna Forno is open and offers board and lodging to skiers.

Fornohütte SAC, 
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+41 (0)81 824 31 82

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