Museum Ciäsa Granda – Stampa

From May 31 to October 19, 2020 (closed tuesdays)


Ciäsa Granda means "big house" in the Bergell dialect and in fact the museum is housed in a stately patrician house dating from 1581. An underground exhibition room has been added to the original building, where you can see numerous works by the artists Giovanni, Alberto and Diego Giacometti, as well as Augusto Giacometti and Varlin.

The museum gives visitors a glimpse into the rural life of times gone by: how butter and cheese were made, how and where the laundry was washed, but also what equipment and tools were used for slaughtering and sausage production. The museum also houses various reconstructed workshops such as the weaving mill, the soapstone grinding shop and the blacksmith's shop.

Chestnuts have always been a typical product of the valley, which is why there is a replica of a drying hut. Of course, the confectioner's place of work must not be missing, a profession that many emigrants from Val Bregaglia practised. The Ciäsa Granda also houses a remarkable collection of minerals. The description of six geological excursions also illustrates the extraordinary petrographic characteristics of Bregaglia. An exhibition on flora and fauna, with animals in their natural environment, fascinates not only children. This permanent exhibition is supplemented by temporary exhibitions.

forthcoming show:

Bruno Ritter, "Review of the Graphic Work of a Master".
This exhibition aims to provide an overview of the works of the past 40 years and to show the breadth of the artist's skills.

Werner Schmidt, «Bergell vis à vis», Alberto Giacometti in memoriam
30 lithographs, drawn 1987, edited with a text by John Berger, Tabor Presse Berlin, 1989.

Vernissage May 30, 4 pm

Opening hours as of June 1, 2 – 5 pm.
Tuesday closed
Fee Adults CHF 8.-, students and children CHF 4.-, members of PGI free entry.

The museum is located in Stampa (near the Hotel Val d'Arca).
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Biennale Bregaglia – Nossa Dona & Lan Müraia

 July 5 – September 27, 2020

In recent years, Bregaglia Valley distinguished itself as a venue for contemporary art. Since its foundation in 2012, the association Progetti d'arte in Val Bregaglia has been committed to the promotion and realisation of exhibitions, projects and events of contemporary art in Bregaglia: in 2018 we saw Arte Castasegna, in 2017 Arte Albigna, in 2015 and 2013 Video Arte Castelmur and in 2010 - 2013 Arte Hotel Bregaglia.

The new art event will be called BIENNALE BREGAGLIA and will take place in 2020 at the Porta around the church of Nossa Dona and the Lan Müraia dam. At this historical site – the centre of the Bregaglia valley – various important archaeological, architectural, linguistic, climatic and cultural-historical strands come together, reaching far into the past, but also including current and future themes.

For the art event BIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2020, the artistic director Luciano Fasciati and the two art historians Francine Andrea Bernasconi and Sarah Wiesendanger have invited renowned Swiss artists to perform and exhibit on the perimeter of the three-level rock bolt of Nossa Dona and the Lan Müraia dam.

With the works conceived for the BIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2020, the invited artists refer to the particularity of this place. Artists will be selected whose works are characterised by a proximity to the essential theme of human existence and its reflection in history, nature, landscape, science and language. The aim of the exhibition is a multi-layered dialogue. The potential of the site is exploited without overforming or overstretching it.

The municipality of Bregaglia today supports the BIENNALE BREGAGLIA 2020/2022/2024 financially even more than the previous exhibitions by means of a service level agreement. A working group has been formed in the Bregaglia Valley, which has been actively supporting the Progetti d'arte association in Val Bregaglia for two years. The association can also rely on the help of numerous volunteers.

Opening 4 and 5 July, 2020
Further information
Contact (German / Italian):

Package "Biennale Bregaglia"

To allow you to enjoy this cultural event we propose the package "Biennale Bregaglia", including overnight stays with a guided walk. The excursion can also be booked without accommodation.

Supporting programm

Detailed information and registration at:; admissions vary; day pass CHF 25; all events of the BIENNALE BREGAGLIA require a registration.

Guided art walks for groups

The artistic interventions are explained in detail and contexts are shown on walks guided by experts. Good footwear (hiking boots) is recommended for walking on the site! For groups of max. 20 persons: CHF 250 (including 2 exhibition guides at CHF/Euro 5 each).
Dates on request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Infopoint: I Bregagliotti – I Bargaiot a Stampa

Infopoint Bargaiot
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Un vecchio scantinato della Casa Stampa, accanto al Museo Ciäsa Granda, ospita un'esposizione di personaggi significativi della e per la Val Bregaglia. Sono raccontate biografie di persone ancora attive e di persone ormai defunte. I primi 7 filmati presentano artisti, architetti, amministratori, avvocati, agricoltori, artigiani, economi, politici, sportivi e alpinisti e con il trascorrere degli anni se ne aggiungereanno altri.

Sono storie di coloro che in valle hanno trovato il modo per andare avanti, chi creativamente altri imprenditorialmente. Sono storie di chi ha cercato la propria fortuna nel resto del mondo e di chi in valle è arrivato e ha costruito il proprio futuro.

Aperto giornalmente dalle ore 8.00 alle 20.00.


Le fortezze di Maloja

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Settimana di visita alla fortezza di Maloja dal 22 agosto al 2 settembre 2020


Gli edifici medioevali della Bregaglia e dell'Engadina sono visibili già da lontano: Castelmur, Tarasp, Steinsberg, Guardaval, Spaniola e la “Fortezza” sulla collina sopra Susch.  Durante delle escursioni sui passi alpini si possono ancora ammirare le trincee della prima guerra mondiale ma le 42 fortezze costruite dopo il 1936 sono ben mimetizzate e non vengono quasi mai notate. Sarà perché artisti, come Hans Erni, coloravano le rocce artificiali davanti alle feritoie in modo cosi realistico da ingannare l’occhio ed i bunker venivano camuffati da vecchie stalle. Gli assalitori venivano così sorpresi dal fuoco nemico, da posizioni sicure e non rilevabili, con colpi precisi anche di notte e nella nebbia. La buona mimetizzazione e la segretezza dei siti – uno stabilimento in Bregaglia e due in Engadina sono ancora segreti - hanno permesso di mantenere quasi all’oscuro i cittadini sull’ alto livello di resistenza della Bregaglia e dell'Engadina.


Il progetto turistico “MYTHOS FESTUNG ENGADIN” apre ora le porte blindate delle fortezze alla scoperta di un modo nascosto nel sottosuolo.

Nel 2020 con una settimana di visite alla fortezza di Maloja e dell’Albula e nel 2021 apriranno le porte anche la Fortezza del Bernina e gli sbarramenti di Susch e Flüela. Dal 2022 sono previste visite guidate e passeggiate che ci condurranno dal Medioevo ai giorni nostri. La Val Bregaglia e l'Engadina tutt’oggi nascondono sotto le rocce una ricca storia, spesso ancora sconosciuta.


Settimana di visita alla fortezza di Maloja dal 22 agosto al 2 settembre 2020

Visite guidate 26/28/30 agosto ed il 1 settembre alle ore 10.00 e alle ore 14.00

Passeggiate giornaliere 27/29/31 agosto ed il 2 settembre alle ore 9.30

Mito Fotificazioni Engadina (DE) 

Iscrizione obbligatoria : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel. +41 81 822 15 55


































Praetorio and chamber of torture

On the witches' trail

Near the main square with its typical stone fountain, is the "Pretorio," the old town hall and main courthouse, which was built in 1583.

By the front gate, under the allegories of justice and temperance is a pillory. From the old town hall rises the round, medieval "Senvelen" Tower. The sight of the torture chamber and torture devices send chills down one's spine. During the 17th century, many alleged witches were caught and held here and more than a few ended up on the gallows. Their stakes still stand at the edge of the village today. Walking through this area, one comes to an arched bridge from which there is a magnificent view of the stunning mountains on both sides of the valley.

From April to October, the Praetorium and the round tower are open daily. Guided tours are also available. Please call to make an appointment. On the guided tour, you will learn about the culture and local traditions of the Bregaglia Valley.

Opening hours from 9am - 7pm.
More informations  Renata Giovanoli-Semadeni, Tel +41 81 822 15 30, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


La Streccia – Soglio

The connection with Soglio led Ugo and Elena Giacometti to acquire two historical buildings (which had been owned by Elena's family for many generations) and to rent a third building, making it partially accessible to the public. The aim was not to create a real museum, but to open the doors of their house from time to time, giving people the opportunity to see with their own eyes how people lived in Soglio until the beginning of the last century. In this way one can better understand the identity of the place.

Main objectives
- Conservation and maintenance of buildings
- Building access for the public and guided tours
- Equipment, exhibitions and events
- Possible division and rent of the rooms
- Appreciation and sustainable development of the village

Opening hours and access to the buildings
Access to the buildings is mainly possible through paid tours or occasional openings marked with signs.

Current exhibition
"Soglio around 1911", contemporary photographs by A. Stumpf. Open from June through October 2020. The rooms are freely accessible during the exhibition.

Guided tour
"Once upon a time in Soglio - a discovery". Historical tour by Werner Anliker.
From July to September every Tuesday, 5 - 6.30pm. Please register at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel. +41 81 822 15 55

Adress La Streccia, Gassa d'la Streccia 11, 7610 Soglio
Price guided tour 10.- CHF /adults, 5.- CHF /children, or free donation (for occasional openings)
Information Ugo and Elena Giacometti, Via principale 10, 7603 Vicosoprano Phone +41 79 489 96 98, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Please be careful and respectful in the historical buildings.
Insurance is the responsibility of visitors. The owners disclaim all liability.


Arte Roticcio

Informations Dora Lardelli, Tel. +41 79 371 35 94


Vitale Ganzoni

An artist to discover

Vitale Ganzoni (1915 – 1965), was the founder of the valley museum, Ciäsa Granda. However, foremost, the Bregaglia elementary school teacher was an artist. In a permanent exhibition in Maloja, you can immerse yourself in his work.

Location Casa Al Larasc, Maloja
Open upon request contact Ms. Ursina Negrini



Chiesa Bianca in Maloja

Informations, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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