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Today a museum that attempts to reflect the people and the nature of this valley, this Ciaesa Granda (large House) is the property of the Societa culturale, who had decided in 1952 to preserve this imposing structure and establish a museum. A great number of dioramas show the fauna that inhabites this valley. Other installations show the crafts practised in the past and the present.

The special ambience of the imposing patrician house of the 16th century is enriched by a small collection of high quality paintings exhibited in the underground area that is used as an exhibition room . "The Stampa phenomenon" is part of the landscape and cultural heritage of the Valley. The collection of works of art by the original Bregaglian artists Giovanni, Augusto, Alberto and Diego Giacometti and by Varlin (who spent several years in Bondo), although modest in quantity, reflects, above all thematically, their intimate relationship with the Valley.


Exhibitions 2020:

Bruno Ritter, "Review of the Graphic Work of a Master".
This exhibition aims to provide an overview of the works of the past 40 years and to show the breadth of the artist's skills.

Werner Schmidt, «Bergell vis à vis», Alberto Giacometti in memoriam
30 lithographs, drawn 1987, edited with a text by John Berger, Tabor Presse Berlin, 1989.


Hours  from June to October, 2pm - 5pm. From July 14 to August 16, 11am to 5pm 
Fee  Adults CHF 8.-, students and children CHF 4.-, 

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