La Streccia


The connection with Soglio led Ugo and Elena Giacometti to acquire and restore a farmhouse and a stable, which had been owned by Elena's family for many generations. An abandoned smithy with barn was additionally cleared out and rented. All three buildings are located on the Gassa d'la Streccia and are made accessible to the public through exhibitions and guided tours (in the future perhaps also as an alternative holiday resort). The aim is not to create a real museum, but to open the doors of these buildings from time to time, giving people the opportunity to see with their own eyes how people lived in Soglio until the beginning of the last century. In this way one can better understand the identity of the place.

Access to the buildings

The buildings can be visited every week during the summer as part of the guided tour "Once upon a time in Soglio… a discovery”. In addition, the owners open their buildings to the public occasionally or on special events. In this case is valid the free donation. The smithy is always freely accessible during the tourist season, in connection with the photo exhibitions (it’s better to visit it in daylight!).


Price 10.- CHF / adults, 5.- CHF / children (guided tour) resp. free donation (for occasional openings)
Information Ugo and Elena Giacometti, Via Principale 10, 7603 Vicosoprano , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 

icona mappa green La Streccia - Gassa d'la Streccia 11 - 7610 Soglio


Please be careful and respectful in the historical buildings. Children only in the presence of adults. Insurance is the responsibility of visitors. The owners disclaim all liability.

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