Chiesa Bianca in Maloja

Exhibitions, concerts and celebrations  


Count de Renesse had the church built in 1884 according to the design of the famous Belgian architect Jules Rauh.

Construction began on June 16, 1884 and by September 16 of the same year the church had already been completed. Countess de Renesse then gave it to the Kursaal Hotel. It was then given to the Anglican community and in 1967 became the Catholic church of Maloja. When the new church of Maloja was inaugurated, the old church of San Gaudenz - as it was officially called - was deconsecrated.

It is now called Chiesa Bianca. It was restored thanks to a private initiative and is now a meeting place that hosts a variety of performances: concerts, book presentations, parties and celebrations. In the pretty little church were also celebrated weddings and baptisms. Next to the church is installed in summer a chessboard and every game, played here, in the middle of the enchanting landscape, is a wonderful pleasure.


Programme for 2024 will follow! 
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icona mappa green La Motta, 7516 Maloja

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