Start of the year in Bregaglia

Bun dì bun an 

An old Bergell tradition, now almost completely lost, is that of the "Bunman".
On the first day of the year, children went from house to house with a bundle and wished each other a happy New Year by saying "bundì bunan, um sé cià pal bunman" or "um sé cià e augürär ün bun an cun salüd e banadiziun". As a reward they received some snack: a handful of chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts or dried pears. At the end of the tour of the village they would meet in a living room and divide the loot.

Only the village of Casaccia continues to practice this tradition: children in groups go from house to house wishing "bun dì bun an, gaviscan ün bun an cun sanita e benediziun" as a reward they receive some coins.


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