Sentiero panoramico

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in the canton of Grisons

The panoramic route Roticcio - Vicosoprano remains closed until further notice.
Closure notice

"Via Panoramica" or "Sentiero Panoramico" - who cares for names? The path leads through lush and wildly romantic nature on the sunny side of the Bergell from Casaccia to Soglio. Here, spectacular views of the rugged three-thousand-metre peaks that separate Bregaglia from Italy open up again and again. Basically, it is easy to walk; but the differences in altitude of 414 m up and 770 m down should not be underestimated.

From Casaccia, a rural road leads on the right side of the valley to the west, over the bridge of the Maira and over flat meadows up to the small lake of Löbbia. After the lake, follow the red and white markings and go slightly downhill to Barga, then through coniferous and birch woods to Roticcio. Now the mountain trail begins. After a first stormy encounter with the Aua da Mulina stream, the path climbs briefly, first over small steep meadows, then level, through fir woods. Above Vicosoprano, a panoramic terrace opens up before light woods lead to Alp Durbegia – a small mountain hut that during summer serves coffee and cake, fresh drinks and food. Now a little more than halfway along the trail is done!



Continue well rested over numerous ravines and small bridges. At Fopeta creek, the highest point of the hike is reached with 1460m and we continue downhill. A narrow path then leads over meadows and through forests to Pravis and the stables of Parlongh. Shortly before Soglio the trails goes slightly up and down, opening up one of the most spectacular views of the Bondasca Valley, the Pizzi Badile, Cengalo and Sciora. From a rocky area, polished by glaciers, one reaches surprisingly the green meadows of Soglio.

This hike takes about five hours. Length: 14.2 km, difficulty: T2 mountain hiking (sturdy shoes, some surefootedness), condition: medium.

Shortcuts: From Casaccia, Vicosoprano (-1.5 hours) or Vicosoprano Nasciarina (-1 hour).

Extensions: From Maloja (+45 min) or further to Castasegna (+ 45 min) or even further on the Italian side to Savogno (+ 2 hours) and Chiavenna (+ another hour). On this route partly difficulty T3.


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