Stampa and Borgonovo

the villages of Giacometti's family

Artists and Barons

In Stampa, near the Maira River, is a large patrician home, built in 1581, that houses the valley museum Ciäsa Granda.
In this museum you can learn about the flora, fauna and geology of the valley as well as catch a glimpse of what  life was like for earlier inhabitants. The Giacometti-Varlin room exhibits a variety of the renowned artists' works. Not far from the museum, is the atelier of the sculptor and artist Alberto Giacometti.

In the nearby village of Coltura, one can visit the Palazzo Castelmur. The northern part of this imposing building dates back to 1723. Baron Giovanni Castelmur built the southern part of the structure from 1850-55. The Moorish Gothic style and the crenellated towers give the building a castle-like look. The magnificent garden adds to this grand image. The Palazzo Castelmur also houses the valley's historical archive.

A little further up the valley from Stampa, located at 1027 meters (3370 ft.), is the quiet village of Borgonovo. Along the main street are 17th and 18th century homes with small gardens and traditional cowsheds.From the two-arched old stone bridge there is a lovely view of San Giorgio Church, which was rebuilt in 1694. The interior is decorated with a colorful stained glass window made by Augusto Giacometti. The Giacometti family is buried in San Giorgio's small cemetery.

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Museum Ciäsa Granda – Stampa

From May 31 to October 19, 2020 (closed tuesdays)

Biennale Bregaglia – Nossa Dona & Lan Müraia

 July 5 – September 27, 2020

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26 September to 24 October 2020 Flyer Online enrolment  Events calendar

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