at the foot of two important passes

Casaccia, at 1’458 m. (4783 ft.), lies at the foot of two passes: the Maloja Pass, which leads to Engadin, and the Septimer Pass, an important route already during Roman times.Thank its strategic position, Casaccia was an important trading crossroad already early on.The "Cunvent" (the convent), built in 1520, was used as an inn and horse changing station.

Casaccia has beautiful fields, meadows, birch and larch forests as well as spectacular views of the Albigna Dam. On a small hill above the village is the medieval watchtower "La Toracia" (the tower).Legend has it that the men from the watchtower would visit the nuns via an underground tunnel that led beneath the village to the convent. In 1740, a landslide buried an old chapel that stood exactly where the Protestant church, built in 1742, now stands.Another holy building, that is surely of later origin, is nestled in the hillside towards Maloja. The late Gothic San Gaudenzio Church was once a frequently visited pilgrimage destination. Built in 1518, but already mentioned in 998, the church was desacrated during the Reformation.Casaccia is also the starting point for Bregaglia's Panorama Trail, also know as "Via Panoramica".

City map

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