Albigna, a valley with many activities

Engineering. Hiking. Climbing.


It is impossible to imagine the valley without the ewz (Electricity Works of the City of Zurich), and it plays a very central role in the Albgina area. Stay informed about the ewz activities - here you can find the online magazine

Mountain Railway

Bergell has also a cable car! It belongs to the ewz (Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich) and leads to the dam and reservoir of the lake Albigna. During the summer months the cable car, which was completely renovated in 2016, makes the valley accessible even to less experienced hikers. The height difference between the mountain station and the valley station is about 900 m. As the small cabin climbs for 15 minutes, the view over the entire valley is spectaculous. Another breathtaking moment awaits the visitors during their journey up while crossing a deep gorge just before the arrival.

The funicular is open daily from June 15 to October 18 2024. Timetable: 07.00 - 11.30 a.m. & 1.15 - 4.45 p.m.

Prices - payment by card accepted.
Children until 6 years: free
7 to 16 years:          one way CHF 8.-     return CHF 12.-
Adults:                    one way CHF 15.-   return CHF 22.-
Military:                  one way CHF 8.-     return CHF 12.-


The clean electricity produced at the Albigna dam, in operation since 1959, is sent to Zurich where the ewz has its headquarter. Since September 2020, 1280 solar panels on the south side of the dam have been producing clean solar energy. «It is the first high-alpine large-scale plant, which reliably delivers electricity, also during winter time». The 115 m high and 759 m long dam wall is not only used to create electricity, but also offers protection to the valley below. Also popular are the guided tours inside the dam that ewz offers every Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. during the summer months for everyone interessted. The new schedule for 2021 will follow, for private tours please contact directly ewz.


Val Bregaglia Capanna Albigna 64The mountain hut is located above the Lake Albigna at the altitude of 2336 m surrounded by granite monoliths, peaks, passes, lakes and glaciers. It is less than an hour's walk from the cable car stop and is a meeting place for mountaineers, hikers and mountain enthusiasts. The hut is open from June to October and offers 85 beds, running water and showers. Sitting on the terrace of the hut you can enjoy refreshind and hot drinks, simple meals and delicious cakes. The winter shelter is accessible during the winter months (please follow the current COVID protection measures).



The Albigna is a paradise for mountaineering and climbing. The most photographed and treasured peak of the valley is undoubtedly the Fiamma, but also the surrounding peaks of Spazzacaldeira like the Piz Frachiccio or the Punta dell Albigna offer many attractive routes of different levels and lenght. For those who like to boulder, they find around the hut 4 areas with more than 50 boulders with a hundred routes waiting to be climbed. For beginners a nice climbing park with easy routes (3-4 grade, 25 meters or less) is situated just a few steps from the hut. Albigna is not only a valley for mountaineers, the short hike (1 hour) from the cableway or the round tour around the hut are also accessible to the relaxed hikers and families. For the more experienced mountain goers, a blue-white path (T5) leads from the hut to mountain lakes, crossing at the right a marked rocky rib, until it reaches the Casnil Pass at an altitude of 2940 m and then descends to the Forno hut or into the Forno valley direction Maloja. Also in winter the Albigna area and its peaks are explored by ski mountaineers, often in combination with the Forno valley.

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Bergeller Kraftwerke 
7603 Vicosoprano 
Tel.: +41 (0)58 319 64 14 
rivista EWZ

Capanna Albigna  
Annamaria Crameri und Martin Ruggli 
Tel. +41 81 822 14 05 
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