Giovanni Giacometti

and his friendship with Segantini

Giovanni Giacometti was born in Stampa, in 1868, to Alberto Giacometti and Caterina Ottilia Santi. After his studies, thanks to his talent for drawing, he was encouraged to pursue a career in art.

 While he attended the School of Decorative Arts in Munich, in 1886, he met and became friends with painter Cruno Amiert. They developed a close frienship and worked in collaboration. Together they visited cafes where they drew inspiration for their works. During this time, Giovanni painted his first oil portraits. He continued his studies in Paris and traveled throughout Italy. When he returned to Stampa he met Giovanni Segantini. Together, the two Giovannis painted the landscapes of Maloja and Bregaglia.
In 1900, Giacometti got married and moved to Borgonovo. In 1901, the first of his four children was born, Alberto, the famous sculptor. Before the birth of his fourth child, the family moved to Stampa. During this time, Giovanni freed himself of Hodler's influence and found his own style. In 1912, he was invited to exhibit in Dresden along with the artists of the German expressionist group "The Bridge". After, he partecipated in other exhibits in Switzerland and abroad. He spent the last years of his life in the peaceful village of Stampa, where he died on June 25, 1933.

Giovanni Giacometti made a major contribution to the 20th century renaissance of Swiss painting. Together, with Cuno Amiet, he was an important representative of Swiss colorism. Some of his works can be seen along with those of his sons in the Ciäsa Granda Museum in Stampa.

Giovanni Giacometti rests in peace in Borgonovo.


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