The fortresses of Maloja

A piece of history  


The fortifications of the Middle Ages greet the landscape of the Bregaglia Valley and Engadin. Castelmur, Tarasp, Steinsberg, Guardaval, Spaniola and the Fortezza on its hill above Susch. While hikers on the passes can still make out trenches from 1st World War, all 42 modern fortresses built after 1936 are so well camouflaged that they are hardly ever noticed. Art painters like Hans Erni have painted the artifical rocks in front of the embrasures to be deceptively real, bunkers have been camouflaged as old stables. An attacker should be surprised with fire from safe and unrecognizable positions. And this was to be done unerringly even at nicht and in fog. The rock face at Maloja Pass never had to reveal its secret... The good camouflage and the secrecy of the sites - one plant in Bregaglia and two plants in the Engadin are still secrets - have ensured that residents and friends of the region know very little about the high fortification of Bregaglia Valley and the Engadin.

The tourism project MYTH OF FORTRESS ENGADIN now opens the armored doors of the underground world of the fortresses. 2020 with a fortress week in Maloja and Albula, 2021 the Bernina Fortress and the barriers of Susch and Flüela will be added. Starting in 2022, guided tours and hikers are also planned, which will lead from the Middle Ages to the present. The Bregaglia and the Engadin have a great and still unknown history to tell deep under the rock. 


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