Palazzo Castelmur

Fascinating architectural mix from several centuries

The Palazzo Castelmur in Coltura near Stampa belongs to the Bregaglia municipality. In 1961, the heirs sold the Castelmur property to the community and it was turned into a museum.

The Palazzo's architecture is a hybrid of styles. When Giovanni Castelmur (1800–1871) purchased the patrician Redolfi mansion, originally built in 1723, he added a facade flanked by towers in Lombard/Venetian gothic style; this was completed in 1854. The successful combination of old and new along with the luxurious furnishings are the work of various Milanese craftsmen such as engineer and architect Giovanni Crassi-Marliani, stonemason Giovanni Pedrazzini and painter Gaspare Tirinanzi. The remaining artisans came from the neighboring Lombardy region.

The interior design of the Mansion, although more opulent, is consistent with the exterior architectural style of the building. With the exception of one room, the wood paneling in the rooms located in the original Redolfi structure, are varnished or wallpapered. In the newer part of the Mansion, there is a lovely dining room, living room, red and green wallpapered bedroom and four small tower rooms. The walls and ceilings of certain rooms are decorated with wall paintings; the trompe-l'oeil are particularly stunning.

Permanent exhibition - Grisons Pastry Makers

Trade agreements between the Serenissima and the Free State of the Three Leagues, allowed for free access to the republic of Venice and the right to exercise free trade. Thus new professions were created, among them the one of the pastry maker. After their expulsion from Venezia, the Grisons “pastry makers” ventured all over Europe and set up business in countless towns and villages. What has come down to us, mostly concerns those who had been successful, such as the Redolfi and the Castelmur. Less well remembered are those that failed or remained poor. 


Opening time June 1st, to October 20 - 2pm to 5 pm, Monday closed
                       July 15, to August 31 - 11 am to 5 pm, Monday closed
Cost                Adult CHF 8.-/ child CHF 4.-



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