Palazzo Castelmur

Fascinating architectural mix from several centuries


The Palazzo Castelmur is one of the landmarks of Bregaglia Valley and already impressive from the outside - the rust-red facade in "Lombardian / Venetian style" (according to the website of the Palazzo) clearly stands out from other buildings. It goes back to the Baron Giovanni of Castelmur, who actually comes from one of the oldest families of Bregaglia, who, as a merchant in France, probably also acquired his money and his title of nobility there. Nevertheless, he recalled his origins and soon owned several properties his home-valley, including an old patrician house belonging to the Redolfi family. He had it extended and decorated with a new façade - voilà the Palazzo Castelmur.

Today it belongs to the municipality and is open to the public as a museum. The park can be visited, but also the historically furnished rooms - a spectacular mixture of knightly glory, plush & pomp. Nothing seems genuine here, everything is more illusory than real, up to the multiple trompe-l'oeil paintings on the ceilings and in the garden. Details are also interesting: which books are on the shelves, which magazines have been subscribed to.

The top floor houses an exhibition on the history of the migration of confectioners from Bregaglia - reaching to the borders of Europe and beyond. Here you can learn, for example, that the famous Café Josty in Berlin (known from Erich Kästner's novel Emil und die Detektive) was founded by migrants from Sils Maria. Also housed in the Palazzo is the Bregaglia Historical Archive, which is maintained by the Società culturale di Bregaglia and is also available online: many photographs, for example, have been digitised and are fun to look at!


Exhibition 2021:  Starting on 6 June, Miriam Cahn is presenting an exhibition of her work in the historic Palazzo Castelmur: FREMD das fremde - STRANIERITÀ. The exhibition is combined with a series of meetings and discussions with leading personalities.


Opening time June 1st, to October 20 - 2pm to 5 pm, Monday closed
                       July 15, to August 31 - 11 am to 5 pm, Monday closed
Cost                Adult CHF 8.-/ child CHF 4.-


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