Palazzo Castelmur

The patrician home, Palazzo Castelmur, is located in Coltura, near Stampa after Punt Növ, otherwise known as the Baroness's Bridge.

The Palazzo is closed during winter until June.

The Palazzo consists of two distinct parts..

The northern section, was constructed in 1723 by the Redolfi family and the southern section, was built by Baron Giovanni Castelmur between 1850-1854. The expansion is a successful blend of old and new, made possible by artists and artisans from nearby Lombardy.

The southern part, constructed in the neo-Gothic-Moorish style, has a reddish crenellated façade with a double staircase flanked by two towers. The "castle" is surrounding by a lovely rambling garden. Inside the Palazzo, there are a variety of lacquered rooms with tapestries furnished in the the 19th century Louis Philippe style. Worth noting, are the painted wall decorations with lovely trompe-l'oeil paintings. Since 1961, the Palazzo Castelmur has been owned by the municipality, which uses the building as musuem.

The Palazzo Castelmur has a permanent exhibition on the Graubunden confectioners' emigration and houses Bregaglia Valley's historical archive. Giovanni Castelmur was born in Stampa in 1800, but grew up in Marseille, where his family owned a well-known confectionery business. Baron Castelmur was, without a doubt, a wealthy and well-educated man, but it is uncertain how he received the title of baron.

After his return to Bergell, Giovanni also bought the Nossa Donna promontory, where he restored the church, the tower and built a house. Giovanni Castelmur married his first cousin, Anna, but they did not have any children.
The Baron and Baroness were philanthropists, who established public institutions and commissioned various buildings. Their graves can be found in the church of Nossa Donna.

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