Exhibition in Centro Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti - Verso la realtà

In the thematic exhibition Alberto Giacometti - Towards Reality in Stalla Uno in Stampa, psychoanalyst Matthias Oppermann takes up a central theme in Alberto Giacometti's art: painting and drawing what the artist sees. The psychoanalyst lists the key moments in the biography of the Breganze artist and contrasts these special events with the resulting key works - their implementation in art.

Stalla 1 will also feature an installation by fashion designer and artist Michaela Lawtoo of Aachen: Europe Fly and Shine, a three-dimensional construction of old paper with shadows of light and luminous traces on the ground.

07 May to 23 October 2022 - Matthias Oppermann: Alberto Giacometti - Verso la realtà, with Michaela Lawtoo's installation Europe fly and shine

Where: Stalla 1, Gassa Albero Giacometti 6 
Cost: CHF 5.-
Opening hours: from April 15 to May 07: Holidays, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 - 12.00 & 14:00 - 18:00


"Il colore ed io"


11 June to 28 August 2022 - "Il colore ed io" exhibition on the life and work of Augusto Giacometti, with paintings by Katharina Lichtner

The exhibition takes place in the hall and basement of the old Piz Duan hotel in Stampa.
Period: 12 June - 28 August 2022
Opening times: Wednesday - Sunday 10:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 17:00 (or by appointment)
Prices: 5 CHF p.p. / Group prices on request. Young people under 16 and Friends of the Giacometti Centre: free entry


icona mappa green Casa Piz Duan 1, Stampa 

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