Trail running

from chestnut woods to the mountain tops


Along an alpine lake? In the middle of green mountain pastures? From Switzerland to Italy? Bregaglia is a very suitable valley for trail running lovers. Countless trails on which you can run until your legs get utterly tired... Or until a breathtaking panorama stops you. From Casaccia to Soglio you could for example run along the panoramic trail or, in case you need a bigger conditional challenge, a long run through the Val da Cam up to the Piz Cam is awaiting you. For those who love to compete, in October, there is the annual happening – the Bregaglia Trail: 42km with departure in Chiavenna passing through the mountain pastures of Cantone, Gualdo and Ceresc and then leading back to the town at the river Mera, passing through Soglio, Castasegna and Villa di Chiavenna.

The Val da Cam Trail can also be booked as a package deal with luggage transport from Casaccia to Soglio - more information.

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