Snowshoeing trails

through forests covered in deep snow


On these trails, enjoyment is the most important thing. Neither speed nor altitude is measured, but the focus is on the unique experience of nature.

Snowshoe trails around Maloja

  • Orden - Lägh da Bitabergh (same route back, 4.1 km)
  • Orden - Lägh da Cavloc - Plan Canin (same route back, 11.9 km)
  • Maloja - camping - Plan Brüsciabräga - Plan Curtinac - Maloja (5.5 km)

Snowshoe trails in the Valley (not marked)

• Bondo - Ceresc - Cugiàn (13.2 km)
• Soglio - Alp Tombal  (2 km)
• Röinan (sotto Ca d'Faret) - Barga d'Ora - Nambrun (2.7 km)

Important information

  • Equipment: Snowshoes and poles can be rented from the local sports shop “Giacometti Sport, Maloja”. A hiking boot is ideal for the excursion.
  • Catering: As the path do not pass by restaurants, it is advisable to wear a small backpack with snacks. In Maloja itself, some restaurants offer delicious local specialities.
  • Signalisation: All paths are marked with pink signs with a white snowshoe.
  • Snowshoe rental and purchases Giacometti Sport, Maloja 


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