Sentiero panoramico

from Casaccia to Soglio

This scenic trail runs from Casaccia to Soglio through lush, romantic and wild landscapes along the right side of Bregaglia Valley

The trail has existed since 1973 and is well-marked with no major differences in elevation. The Panorama Trail is often cited as one of the most beautiful hikes in the canton of Grisons. Nature lovers will be fascinated by the beautiful and varied landscape. Photographers will be especially delighted to be able to admire the famous Bregaglian mountains from a variety of angles.

The Casaccia-Soglio trail
From Casaccia, the trail leads to the west along the right side of the valley, passes over a bridge crossing the Maira River and continues through the flat meadows until you reach the reservoir in Löbbia. After the reservoir, follow the white striped markings that indicate the path. Once you reach the gentle slope of Barga, continue through the forest of conifers and birch trees to Roticcio. Afterwards, you will reach the river Aua da Mulina River, where the trail ascends for a short distance, first through small steep meadows, then again through pine forests. After a short descent, you will continue through a shady forest to Durbeggia, where you can stop to admire the impressive scenery.As you continue the majestic peaks rising opposite Bondasca Valley are increasingly awe-inspiring. After arriving at the edge of the forest, you cross the Valer River. A narrow path leads through meadows and forests to Pravis and then to Parlongh. The trail goes up and down, but it remains at a constant altitude almost to Soglio, where the trail rapidly descends. The trip takes about five hours.
An alternative route is Via Bregaglia.


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