Soglio Produkte

In Castasegna

For over 40years, the company, SOGLIO-Produkte, has been making high quality natural cosmetics in Bregaglia Valley.

Their line of cosmetics is inspired by the energy of the mountains and the scents of flowers and alpine herbs. In 1979, SOGLIO-Produkt's skilled artisans began to create their first products.
In 1986, they moved to a bigger building in Castasegna, the former Hotel Croce Bianca.

SOGLIO Produkte's merchandise is inspired by the energy of the area as well as the mountains of Bregaglia. The merchandise is produced with local raw materials, such as alpine herbs, to create a natural cosmetic product of utmost quality. SOGLIO Produkte offers a great selection cosmetics, from face creams to soaps, toothpastes, moisturizers, sunscreen and aftershave. SOGLIO Produkte also has a retail store in Soglio.

Place at 10.30 am in front of the shop SOGLIO-PRODUKTE inCastasegna
Cost free
Language Italian and German
Duration about 45 min.
Registrations by 5.00 pm the day before, Tel +41 81 822 18 43
Number of participants min. 3, max. 10 persons

SOGLIO-PRODUKTE AG, 7608 Castasegna
T +41 81 822 18 43

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