I pizocal da Bond


The stream of the same name crosses the Bondasca Valley. Its waters come down in jumps, breaking first on the rocks of Sciora and then lapping against the moraines of the glaciers and heading for the rough valley, which gets deeper and narrower up to Marlun. Here the rocks on either side of the ravine are very high, smoothed by the water coming down for millennia, not far apart from each other. One day, the bondarin decided to connect them, first, by means of a daring wooden bridge, then with a stone bridge: the so called Punt Marlun.

Careless children willingly stop on this bridge to throw large stones into the abyss and hear the thud and the deaf echo repeated in the throat. Right under the Punt Marlun the water of the Bondasca falls with such vehemence into a kind of dark cauldron where, with great noise and sprays of foam, it seems to boil.

The bondarini, at the sight of that bubbling and ... boiling water, thought to take advantage of it. Rice and flour are known to have been, the favourite food of the people of Bondo: rice is eaten cooked in different ways and with flour, they make "pizocal". After having observed for a long time the water below from Punt Marlun, a woodcutter said one day to his companions:

- Why bother so much to look for wood so that our women can cook. Let us pour the flour into the pot and then run to the other bridge further down: the "pizocal" will arrive nice and cooked in the colander. The only effort left will be to eat them. Everyone found the proposal very wise. (It is not for nothing that the bondarins are called "i bundarin narr"!).

The following day, without telling anything to their wives and after carrying up a sack of flour that the municipality had distributed for free to the patricians, they wanted to do the test. Being all men, they did not know how to make the "pizocal".

They lifted the sack to the edge of the bridge, opened it and... pured the whole content into the water, which continued to mumble as if nothing had happened. Then, off they went running with the colander on their heads, imitating Don Quijote, the knight of the sad figures.

When they arrived in the locality of "Sot Punt", they went down to the bank of the torrent and, stretching the colander in the water, they tried to collect the "pizocal". But, oh surprise, these never arrived: perhaps they are still boiling under the "Punt Marlun", while the "bundarin narr", who had wanted to do without women, are still waiting, open mouthed, for the "pizocal" to arrive...

Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

Bregaglia Valley, simply authentic

Bregaglia is an idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graubünden, to the north, with Italy, to the south.Steep, elegant granite mountains and beautiful forests protect

The chestnut

 The fruit of our valley

Belvedere Tower

On top of the hill near Maloja stands the Belvedere Tower.

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