Segantini Studio

Segantini: “Painter of light”

Giovanni Segantini’s studio is located in Maloja, the alpine village where the famous painter lived from 1894 until his death. The studio is across from the Hotel Schweizerhaus, on the way to the Belvedere lookout tower. The small round building is in front of the Segantini family chalet. Designed by the artist himself, the 70-meter in diameter studio is a true-to-scale wooden model of the Engadin Pavilion, constructed for the 1900 Paris World Exhibition. It was designed to display a huge picture of the Bergell and Engadin countryside on its 220-meter long wall. The work remained unfinished, but gave the impetus for the alpine triptych. The three paintings are the culmination of Giovanni Segantini’s artistic work, and are now on display at the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz.

Current Exhibition Giovanni and Gottardo Segantini
Open from 4 July to 28 October 2020; Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 6pm.
Cost 10.- Swiss francs per person

Tours available by appointment made the day before by
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Tel. +41 81 824 33 54
Tel. +41 79 442 27 23


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