Cruises at the highest level...

...offers Europe's highest scheduled boat service. It links Sils Maria, Chastè, Plaun da Lej, Isola and Maloja. Along the way, it glides past historic sites such as the Chastè peninsula - here, under the larch trees, stands the bench where the philosopher and poet Friedrich Nietzsche used to sit and find inspiration. The entire round trip on the largest lake in Graubünden takes 40 minutes. You can also incorporate a cruise on the lake into a walk - such as the classic Four Lakes Hike, taking the boat from Sils to Maloja and so shortening the walk by an hour. This boat service has been operating for over one hundred years.

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Information & enquiries

Silser Schifffahrtsgesellschaft
Franco Giani
7514 Sils
M +41 79 424 32 27

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