Winter hiking

Crunching snow under your feet

They are unique in the whole world - the hikes across the eternally wide, frozen Engadine lakes, which you can experience in winter. Among them is the most famous and the most demanding one over the Sils Lake between Maloja and Sils Maria, which stretches over five kilometres. Fortunately, you can take a break in Isola or Plaun da Lej!

The hiking trails around Maloja, such as the Sentiero Segantini, which combines the winter experience with art, or the circular trail towards Orden Dent, are also beautiful and freshly levelled every day. If you want to gain a few metres in altitude, you can take the path to L├Ągh da Cavloc and later even toboggan down into the valley.

In the valley, the paths of the Via Bregaglia are generally also good in winter, but they are not levelled. After heavy snowfalls you should therefore put on snowshoes. Winter hiking in the Bergell and Engadine is the easiest and quietest way to actively experience this snow-covered mountain world!

Winter hiking trails around Maloja and the Engadine





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