Lecture about the Giacometti family

Stampa, home of the Giacometti


The lecture about the biography of the artistic personalities of the Giacometti family and their work is enriched by atmospheric photos. It also describes the geographical location and history of the Bergell, the social environment in the small village of Stampa, the origins and relationships with other families of the valley, biographical information about Giovanni Augusto, Zaccaria, Alberto, Diego and Bruno, as well as the characterization of their Bergell work.

Speaker Dott. Marco Giacometti
Location Stampa, Salone Piz Duan, the birthplace of Giovanni Giacometti
Date and Time upon request
Duration 45 - 60 minutes
Cost 150.-- Swiss francs
Maximum participants 50
Languages Italian, German, French or Enlish  
More information and reservations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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