Am augura e tüc üna buna permanenza in Bargaia


Relaxing walks is what we wish you in Bregaglia, because the meadows shine beautifully in a lushy green. A trip to the Boulder Park Stampa is also particularly worthwhile at this time of year.

If you want to treat yourself to a break after sporting activities, it is best to visit one of the beautiful terraces from Castasegna to Maloja.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

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Al Güz- Million Stars Hotel

Al Güz- Million Stars Hotel



Lägh da Cavloc and Val Forno

Lägh da Cavloc and Val Forno



Exhibitions, Museums & Galleries

Exhibitions, Museums & Galleries

Chestnut Festival 2021

Chestnut Festival 2021





Weekly program

Weekly program

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Decuraziun in Bargaia

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Prenotare la Via Bregaglia 

Da Maloja a Chiavenna 

Galleria Zuffellato


Guided tours at Palazzo Salis in Bondo


Architecture and Wakker Prize 2015

Bregaglia Fondue-Sledge

Eat under the stars

Exhibition in Centro Giacometti

“I volti di Soshana e Alberto Giacometti”  

Biennale Bregaglia – 2022


Important informations

accessibility and closure of trails

Praetorio and chamber of torture

On the witches' trail

The Valley of Art

Birthplace of the Giacomettis

Infopoint: I Bregagliotti – I Bargaiot a Stampa

Un vecchio scantinato della Casa Stampa, accanto al Museo Ciäsa Granda, ospita un'esposizione di personaggi significativi della e per la Val Bregaglia. Sono

Florio lives : Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey (1536-1554), the first Queen of England and Ireland, will be the protagonist of  Florio vive 2021.

Ice climbing

Pure Adrenaline

Chiesa Bianca in Maloja

Exhibitions, concerts and celebrations  

Guided tours by postbus

Every Saturday from mid-June until the end of October, on the route of the Autostostale from Maloja to Castasegna at 9.45 am, a local guide will  tell you stories and

The chestnut

 The fruit of our valley

Water sports on lake Sils

Sailing and windsurfing

Mill Scartazzini in Promontogno

Mill, bakery & pasta production

Visit to the church of San Martino, Bondo

Culinary events

Palazzo Salis in Soglio

400 year of history 

Snowshoeing trails

Across the vastness of frozen lakes, through forests covered in deep snow

Scotland on the Lunghin lake

Camminata sul sentiero verso il lago del Lunghin alla ricerca dei pascoli delle mucche scozzesi.

Our tips

La Streccia

La Streccia

Museum Ciäsa Granda – Stampa

Museum Ciäsa Granda – Stampa

STRANIERITÀ | cahn castelmur

STRANIERITÀ | cahn castelmur

Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

Bregaglia Valley, simply authentic

Bregaglia is an idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graubünden, to the north, with Italy, to the south.Steep, elegant granite mountains and beautiful forests protect

The chestnut

 The fruit of our valley

Belvedere Tower

On top of the hill near Maloja stands the Belvedere Tower.

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