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Via Bregaglia - Nature, villages und culture


The Via Bregaglia leads as a path through the Bregaglia valley. From the alpine Maloja at 1800 m.a.s.l. to the mediterranean Chiavenna at 333 m.a.s.l. Fascinating to observe how climate, smells and plants change along the way. About halfway, near Promontogno, there is a hill across the valley, which the locals call “Porta”, the gate. Above “sopraporta” there are spruces, larches & birches, it is rougher and sometimes there is still snow in March. Below “sottoporta”, there is a mild climate, also the first palm trees can be found. On the Via Bregaglia you can always choose which direction to take and which section to walk.

The Via Bregaglia leads across the small villages: the paths between them are partly old roads, partly pretty and easy hiking trails. Along the way, there are museums to visit (especially in Stampa, but also in Vicosoprano) and many places to stop for refreshments. (Note: some restaurants and hotels are closed in low or mid-season, and shops are not always open). It is also practical that the post bus line 4 runs trough the valley, so you can always interrupt or shorten the hike.



Walk without worries along the Via Bregaglia!

Bookable as package from June to the end of September with at least two weeks notice.

Package Via Bregaglia

4 nights in hotels
3 half board (without drinks)
3 luggage transport from hotel to hotel
3 packed lunches
1 hiking map and detailed documentation
1 parking card



1. Stage


Individual arrival to Maloja (not included in the price)
Dinner and overnight stay possible in these hotels:
Breakfast. Acceptance of the packed lunch and long hike to Vicosoprano or Stampa.

Hotel Schweizerhaus,
Hotel Pöstli,
Hotel Maloja Kulm,
Hotel Longhin,
Sporthotel, (nur mit Frühstück)


2. Stage


Arrival in Vicosoprano or Stampa.
Dinner and overnight stay possible in these hotels:
Breakfast. Acceptance of the packed lunch and hike to Soglio, Spino or Castasegna.

Hotel Pranzaira,
Hotel Piz Cam,
Hotel Corona,
Hotel Val d’Arca


3. Stage


Arrival in Soglio,Spino or Castasegna.
Dinner and overnight stay possible in these hotels:
Breakfast. Acceptance of the packed lunch and long hike to Chiavenna.

Hotel La Soglina,
Hotel Stüa Granda,
Hotel Palazzo Salis,
Hotel Fanconi,
Hotel Garni Post, (Etagenbad)


4. Stage


Arrival in Chiavenna.
Overnight stay (without dinner) in one of these two hotels:
Breakfast und individual journey home (not included in the price)

Hotel Crimea,
Hotel San Lorenzo,


Price for 4 nights up to CHF 750.- per person in a double room and up to CHF 830.- in a single room. The price was calculated with the most expensive hotels.






Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

Engadin Skimarathon

On the second Sunday morning of March in Maloja in the Upper Engadin, the starting pistol for the Engadin Skimarathon will be fired. Every year, Switzerland's largest sports event

Ski Touring

Val Bregaglia is an attractive and varied area for ski touring. Apart from the ski circus, many untouched peaks around Maloja, in the Forno Valley, towards Avers or Bivio are

Museum Ciäsa Granda – Stampa

From May 31 to October 19, 2020 (closed tuesdays)

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