Museum Ciäsa Granda

In the Bregaglian dialect, Ciäsa Granda means "big house" and, in fact, the museum is located in an impressive patrician house built in 1581.

An underground exhibition hall was added to the original building. Guests visiting the exhibition can admire numerous works by artists Giovanni, Alberto and Diego Giacometti as well as Augusto Giacometti and Varlin.
In the museum, visitors can discover the secrets of rural life. For example, there is an exhibit showing how butter and cheese were produced and another exhibit demonstrates where and how laundry was done. Also on display, are tools and instruments used for slaughtering animals and producing sausages. In addition, you can see various craft-based replicas, such as a weaving workshop, blacksmith's forge, a farrier's workshop and a "laveggiaio," where they used to mill soapstone to make pots. The confectioner and bakery exhibit is well worth a visit. Both were the professions of many Bregaglian migrants. For chestnut lovers, the exhibit showing a chestnut drying hut is not to be missed. Chestnuts have always been a local product of Bregaglia Valley.

Ciasa Granda has an outstanding geology collection. There are also rooms dedicated to local flora and fauna. Animals are presented in a simulated natural environment.
The museum is located in Stampa, near Hotel Val d'Arca.

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Cinema un giorno al mese

Serie di eventi: Con il titolo "Lavoriamo: Ricerca, disoccupazione, perdita" quattro film saranno proiettati in diversi villaggi della Val Bregaglia nell'inverno 2019 / 2020.

Infopoint: I Bregagliotti – I Bargaiot

Dal 5 ottobre 2019, giornalmente dalle ore 8.00 alle 20.00.

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The project would like to raise awareness that the two well-known humanists, Michel Agnolo and his son, John Florio, spent an important part of their lives in Soglio, from 1555

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Welcome to Bregaglia, dear guest! Here we would like to inform you briefly about the current status after the landslide in 2017.

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