Museum Ciäsa Granda

From May 31 to October 19, 2020 (closed tuesdays)

Ciäsa Granda means "big house" in the Bregaglia dialect, and in fact the museum is housed in a stately patrician house dating from 1581. An underground exhibition room has been added to the original building, where you can see numerous works by the artists Giovanni, Alberto and Diego Giacometti, as well as Augusto Giacometti and Varlin.

The museum gives visitors a glimpse into the rural life of times gone by: how butter and cheese were made, how and where the laundry was washed, but also what equipment and tools were used for slaughtering and sausage production. The museum also houses various reconstructed workshops such as the weaving mill, the soapstone grinding shop and the blacksmith's shop.

Chestnuts have always been a typical product of the valley, which is why there is a replica of a drying hut. Of course, the confectioner's place of work must not be missing, a profession that many emigrants from Val Bregaglia practised. The Ciäsa Granda also houses a remarkable collection of minerals. The description of six geological excursions also illustrates the extraordinary petrographic characteristics of Bregaglia. An exhibition on flora and fauna, with animals in their natural environment, fascinates not only children. This permanent exhibition is supplemented by temporary exhibitions.

forthcoming show:

Bruno Ritter, "Review of the Graphic Work of a Master".
This exhibition aims to provide an overview of the works of the past 40 years and to show the breadth of the artist's skills.

Werner Schmidt, «Bergell vis à vis», Alberto Giacometti in memoriam
30 lithographs, drawn 1987, edited with a text by John Berger, Tabor Presse Berlin, 1989.

Vernissage May 30, 4 pm

Opening hours June / September / October 2 – 5 pm.
Juli und August 11 am to 5 pm
Tuesday closed
Fee Adults CHF 8.-, students and children CHF 4.-, members of PGI free entry.

The museum is located in Stampa (near the Hotel Val d'Arca).
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Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

ABGESAGT: ARTipasto culturale Bregagliotto

April 10th to 13th, 2020

Escursioni guidate – primavera e estate 2020

 Gastronomia o flora, architettura o palazzi, la Bregaglia offre molte caminate

Biennale Bregaglia – Nossa Dona & Lan Müraia

7.6. – 27.9.2020

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Infopoint: I Bregagliotti – I Bargaiot a Stampa

Un vecchio scantinato della Casa Stampa, accanto al Museo Ciäsa Granda, ospita un'esposizione di personaggi significativi della e per la Val Bregaglia. Sono

Situation in Bondo and Bondasca Valley

Welcome to Bregaglia, dear guest! Here we would like to inform you briefly about the current status after the landslide in 2017.

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