Via Bregaglia, routes

History, panoramas and nature

There are 3 different trails, which take you through Bregaglia Valley..

Historic route
This trail takes you on a journey through lush forests and rolling meadows. Along the way there are several historical monuments including the Belvedere Tower, Maloja's glacial mills, the San Gaudenzio ruins in Casaccia, the Praetorium in Vicosoprano, the Ciasa Granda Museum and Palazzo Castelmur in Stampa /Cultura, the chestnut trail in Castasegna and the Palazzo Vertemate in Piuro. The trail ends in Chiavenna, Italy.
ca.34 km
Ascent ca. 581 m
Descent ca. 2074 m

Scenic route
The more relaxing of the three routes is the scenic trail from Casaccia to Soglio. It is relatively flat with a few ups and downs. The trail offers spectacular views of the valley and Mts. Sciora, Badile, Cengalo (see Panorama Trail). Upon arriving in Savogno from Soglio, you descend to Chiavenna.
Distance ca. 37 km
Ascent ca.2100 m
Descent ca. 3400 m

Route "crossing the mountains"
The earlier stages of this route is shared with the historical trail from Maloja to Bondo. Ascending from Bondo along the southern side of the valley, you reach Ceresc Mountain. Take the time to take in the fantastic views of the mountains before walking over the border to Villa di Chiavenna, where you will continue down to Chiavenna.
Distance ca. 38 km
Ascent ca. 1100 m
Descent ca. 2600 m


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