the old capital of the valley

In the past, Vicosoprano was the capital of the valley. Today, it is the largest village of Bregaglia. Surrounded by meadows and forests, the village is located at an altitude of 1087 meters (3566 ft.). 

San Cassiano Church, built in the 1st century, and the Early Baroque St. Trinity Church are both open to visitors. The cobbled streets of Vicosoprano are lined with patrician homes that, in spite of their age, still clearly exhibit the family coat of arms and sgraffito decorations on their facades. There are also interesting inscriptions such as, "There is no man on this earth who does not have a touch of madness".

Near the main plaza with its typical stone fountain, is the "Pretorio", the old town hall and main courthouse, which was built in 1583. By the front gate, under the allegories of justice and temperance is a pillory. From the old town hall rises the round, medieval "Senvelen" Tower. The sight of the torture chamber and torture devices send chills down one's spine. During the 17th century, many alleged witches were caught and held here and more than a few ended up on the gallows. Their stakes still stand at the edge of the village today.Walking through this area, one comes to an arched bridge from which there is a magnificent view of the stunning mountains on both sides of the valley.

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Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

ONLINE: ARTipasto culturale Bregagliotto

April 10th to 13th, 2020

Escursioni guidate – primavera e estate 2020

 Gastronomia o flora, architettura o palazzi, la Bregaglia offre molte caminate

Biennale Bregaglia – Nossa Dona & Lan Müraia

 July 5 – September 27, 2020

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Infopoint: I Bregagliotti – I Bargaiot a Stampa

Un vecchio scantinato della Casa Stampa, accanto al Museo Ciäsa Granda, ospita un'esposizione di personaggi significativi della e per la Val Bregaglia. Sono

Florio lives

The project would like to raise awareness that the two well-known humanists, Michel Agnolo and his son, John Florio, spent an important part of their lives in Soglio, from 1555

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