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In 2015, Bregaglia was awarded the Wakker Prize by the Swiss Heritage Protection Agency. Bregaglia recognizes its existing valuable architectural heritage and intact cultural landscape as advantages. Jointly developed strategies, increased local awareness and customized property consultations early on, enable the preservation of the local architecture with little effort and promote high-quality contemporary architecture.

By awarding the 2015 Wakker Prize to Bregaglia, the Swiss Heritage Protection Agency honors a valley in an outlying area of Switzerland that draws strength from its architectural heritage to promote its own development. In 2010, the merger of the five communities in the valley, furthered the opportunity to use an overall strategy to identify existing strengths and formulate new goals that create added value for the entire valley. After a walk around Soglio, this tour leads you through a beautiful chestnut grove down to Castasegna and then on to Bondo/Promontogno. Natural landscapes alternate with authentic villagescapes. In the villages there are interesting architectural examples and, in between, groves of chestnut trees line the way.

Tours available upon request in Castasegna, Bondo/Promontogno, Soglio and Stampa
Duration apprx. 1 ½ hours
Cost 15.- Swiss francs per person
Language German and Italian
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