Enjoy walking in the great outdoors, leave behind the stress of daily life, take in the beautiful landscapes, and breath the fresh mountain air.

Bregaglia offers a vast range of hiking trails: high-altitude routes, scenic, historical and educational excursions. Over 180 km of trails wind through forests, meadows, pastures and rock outcroppings. The most popular trail is the "Panoramica," which runs along the sunny side of the valley, with views overlooking the valley floor and the magnificent peaks of the Sciora Range. Of course, there are many other equally charming trails.The Via Bregaglia trail offers the chance to explore the whole valley and discover its history and culture. The "Cià c'am va" trail gives young people the chance to discover the joys of trekking. In this Graubunden valley, at the southern edge of the Alps, cross-border trails take you along previous smugglers' routes and over ancient Roman passes. Bregaglia is rich in history and natural beauty. Take a walk along the interpretive trails through the chestnut forest or among the glacial mills.

Walking in Bregaglia also means seeing the natural transitions of the landscape change from an expansive high-altitude alpine environment to a mild climate with typical Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Bregaglia is an area that must be explored on foot. It is a place where two cultures and landscapes meet, Swiss and Italian, alpine and lowland, extending from north to south.

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