Joy of reading

The joy of reading in the fascinating mountainscapes of Maloja.

from mid-June to mid-October

Not all guests and locals in Maloja want to spend their days taking long walks. Especially those who, after just a few steps, want to sit on a bench and enjoy the view. In the Maloja area, there are now five benches accompanied by a box of books, for those who would like to browse or read. These benches are located on the way to Isola, between the cemetery and Orden, as well as in the Belvedere Tower nature reserve.

In these boxes you will find books and magazines for various interests in different languages (especially German and Italian, but also English and French). There is also something for the little ones! The bench in the nature reserve has some books donated by Pro Natura. The books can be read on the spot or taken home and later returned to the bench boxes. The boxes also have a guest book, where you can write your comments and impressions.This project was carried out by Arco Maloja Association, after obtaining the necessary permits form the municipality of Bregaglia and Pro Natura. The books are received through private donations and the Maloja and Sils libraries. The boxes are made of plastic covered with wood, so they blend in with the surrounding area. The panels of wood were made by the carpentry firm Zarucchi SA in Maloja. The Arco Maloja Association found several sponsors to cover the costs of the project.

The Arco Maloja members are responsible for making sure there is always a sufficient amount of reading material in the boxes.


Bench box locations in Soglio
Bench box locations in Maloja

before the campground, by the lake, approximatly 20 meters from the fork heading to Maloja

Von Rolli + Nelli
approximatly 150 meters after Cresta towards the lake on the left side

approximatly 100 meters from the cemetery, on the left side

1978-1998, 20 Jahre Restaurant Alpina
on the path to the Pony Lift station, on the right

Em Heiri Ragaz sis Bänkli
approximatly 50 meters after the bridge by the trail sign

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