Chestnut Festival

In Autumn 2019, from the 28th of Setember to the 20th of October Bregaglia Valley celebrates chestnut season.

Colors, smells and tastes will be important characteristics of the Chestnut Festival. Bregaglia, a southern valley in Graubunden, bursts with autumn colors and offers a ambience, which inspired famous artists such as Segantini, Giacometti and Varlin. The chestnut trees are privately owned and it is forbidden to collect chestnuts. We appreciate your understanding. Many of the trees are afflicted with the chestnut gall wasp, so it is not allowed to export leaves, buds or branches from Bregaglia. Fortunately, the chestnuts are not affected and can be eaten without a problem.

The program includes
Chestnut roasting
Tours of the chestnut forest
Presentations about chestnuts
Themed hikes through the chestnut forest
Activities related to harvesting and maintaining the chestnut trees
Chestnut-based culinary events

...and much more!

Here is the program for 2019






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