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Welcome to Bregaglia.
Perhaps you are planning or have already booked a holiday in Bregaglia. In August 2017, this area was struck by a natural disaster.
Last summer’s events in Bregaglia may have caused you to feel insecure or maybe have even prompted you to spend your holidays here. Or, perhaps you are unaware of the events all together.
Following is a summary of the current situation in and around Bondo and Bondasca Valley.

In August 2017, several million cubic meters of rock unexpectedly fell from Mt. Cengalo, prompting a massive and forceful debris flow through Bondasca Valley down to the village of Bondo, 7 kilometers away. Eight mountaineers were killed along the way. Two more debris flows followed. Buildings, houses and streets were destroyed. Fortunately, there were no further deaths or injuries.

Although the old village center remained intact, the affected area changed beyond recognition. Every effort was made to empty the catch basin as quickly as possible.

Just in time for the 2017/2018 winter season, the detour was lifted and the main cantonal road, H3b Malojapass, was reopened to traffic. Currently, the evacuated village of Bondo is almost completely inhabited again. Only a few residents have been unable to return home.








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