Arte Castasegna

from 18 June to 20 October

“Arte Castasegna” is a village art project.


In recent years, Bregaglia has distinguished itself as a venue for contemporary art. Since it was founded in 2012, the Progetti d’arte Association in Bregaglia has been promoting and organizing contemporary art exhibitions, projects and events in Bregaglia. “Arte Hotel Bregaglia” (2010-2013), “Video Arte Palazzo Castelmur” (2013 and 2015) and “Arte Albigna” (2017) have brought contemporary art into the valley and allowed ambitious projects to flourish. The projects show that art can also thrive in lesser-known places, away from cultural centers and metropolitan areas. These more remote areas also provide lively places for artistic exchange.

For the 2018 “Art Castasegna” event, the Board of Trustees, Luciano Fasciati and Céline Gaillard, invited renowned Swiss and Italian artists to use different Castasegna exhibition rooms. Castasegna is located on the Swiss Italian border and has various significant scientific, artistic and cultural threads, which reach from the past into the present and look forward into the future.

Photo (c) Ralph Feiner

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