Motorhome Parking Areas

Additional parking areas in Bregaglia for motorhomes and coaches, from August to October 2020


In the following locations there are 5 VW bus stops available. This is as long as there are no free places at the Mulina campsite in Vicosoprano.

 - Vicosoprano, Pranzaira (WC at the Albigna funicular station , rubbish bin)

 - Vicosoprano, directly next to the campsite (toilets at the campsite) 

 - Palazzo Castelmur parking lot (WC, rubbish bin) 


Fare: CHF 15.- per night per bus + visitor's tax of CHF 2.50 per person  

Please pay the fee at Camping Mulina in Vicosoprano.  After paying the fee, the driver will receive a form to fill in with name, plate and date, which must be clearly visible behind the windscreen.





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