Albigna Dam and cable car

A pearl of the Bergell

A view not to be missed: the view from the Albigna Dam of Bregaglia Valley!

Built by the power company of Zurich between 1955-59, the majestic dam is surrounded by granite mountains that are reflected in the artificial reservoir. The dam is 115 meters high and 759 meters long and is not only used for the production of hydroelectric power, but also as a safeguard against flooding during heavy rainfall.
Book a guided tour and discover what it is hidden within this huge structure.
Just above the reservoir, about a 45-minute walk away, is the Albigna Hut.

Between the base station and the arrival station, just below the dam, there is about a 900 meter difference in altitude. During the fifteen minute cable car ride you can enjoy a jaw-dropping panoramic view of the Bregaglia Valley.
With the cable car you also pass over a deep ravine, a thrilling sight that takes your breath away.


Timetable daily from mid-June 15.6.2019 to 13.10.2019
from 07:00 to 11:30 AM and
from 13:15 to 16.45 PM
Children up to 6 years old are free.
from 7 to 16 years old  one way CHF   8.-, roundtrip CHF 12.-
Adults                          one way CHF 15.-, roundtrip CHF 22.-

Guided tours every Tuesday see the program

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Tel. +41 (0)58 319 64 14

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