Al Güz - Millions Stars Hotel

Sleeping under the stars from June to August


Magical nights in Val Bregaglia in one of the largest sweet chestnut forests in Europe. The cosy wooden house in the shape of a mountain peak stands in the middle of the magical sweet chestnut forest, making the hearts of nature lovers beat a little faster. Guests spend the night in complete peace and quiet, surrounded only by ancient sweet chestnut trees as a source of calm and strength. In the morning, guests will be inspired by the spectacular view of the mountains and the landscape of Val Bregaglia. In addition, guests enjoy a hearty outdoor breakfast with typical produce of Val Bregaglia.


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icona mappa green Located in the middle of Brentan's chestnut grove

shares Very quiet area away from the main road

views Panoramic view on the surrounding mountains

loves Delicious breakfast with fresh, local produce 

hot  Grill area with tables 

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Al Güz can accommodate a maximum of 2 people; breakfast is included in the price; free cancellation up to four days before arrival.
Price CHF 225 per night /maximum 1 night.  


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