Important informations

 Closed hiking trails

The left bank of the river Casnaggina has collapsed at the path intersection between Funtäna (Switzerland) and Motta (Italy). At the moment the path is closed and a quick reopening is to be excluded.
Due to forestry work, the path Ceresc, at the border to Italy, will remain closed from Monday, 5th October 2020 until further notice (approximately mid of November).
Due to a rockfall, the Via Engiadina
 is, until further notice, closed between Plaun da Lej and Sils Baselgia.
The bike route Maloja Express is interrupted between Nagiarina-Pelzar until further notice, please take the main road.
On the Italian side of Val Bregaglia, the trail between Villa di Chiavenna and Savogno particularly in the section between Pianascio - Masnera is closed due to rockfall. Savogno can be reached by road from Villa di Chiavenna Ponteggia.
The hiking trails from Casaccia to Val Maroz are open again, the drive/bike way will remain closed until further notice.
The trail del Turbine between Leira and Lago Dell' Acquafraggia is closed due to rockfall.

Pasture with suckler cows

On pastures where suckler cows are kept, it is important to keep distance from the animals, keep dogs on a leash and cross the pastures quickly without disturbing the cows. A mother cow protects her calf, so please do not stroke calves!


Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

Engadin Skimarathon

On the second Sunday morning of March in Maloja in the Upper Engadin, the starting pistol for the Engadin Skimarathon will be fired. Every year, Switzerland's largest sports event

Ski Touring

Val Bregaglia is an attractive and varied area for ski touring. Apart from the ski circus, many untouched peaks around Maloja, in the Forno Valley, towards Avers or Bivio are

Museum Ciäsa Granda – Stampa

From May 31 to October 19, 2020 (closed tuesdays)

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