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An idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graubünden to Italy, Bregaglia is a paradise for hikers and mountain climbers, but also a quier refuge for artists.


Filmato estivo

Semplicemente autentica!

filmato Nuovo filmato estivo per la Val Bregaglia.




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Via Bregaglia

Between art and nature

Via BregagliaThe Via Bregaglia is a magnificent cross-border, cultural hiking trail that slices through the Bregaglia Valley. The journey begins in Maloja and finishes in Chiavenna (or visa versa).


Art Festival

From 5 April to 21 April 2014

Miniatura FDA13Bregaglia Engadin tourism offers a spring of creativity.



Adults and children

FamigliaBregaglia offers families numerous enjoyable activities. In addition to daily excursions, there are a variety of activities for both children and adults.