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An idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graubünden to Italy, Bregaglia is a paradise for hikers and mountain climbers, but also a quier refuge for artists.


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Gian in Bregaglia

spotGraubünden specialties.

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Via Bregaglia - Offerta

Offerta forfettaria

Miniatura VB-OffertaPercorrere la Via Bregaglia senza pensieri. Con quest'offerta forfettaria pensiamo a tutto noi!





Chestnut Festival

Chestnut Festival 2014

facebook-logoColors, scents, flavors, these are the contours of the "Chestnut Festival". From 4 to 19 October 2014, the chestnut will be the protagonist in Bregaglia!


Il ponte sul Lovero

 Il ponte sul Lovero

logoacquaPercorso didattico lungo il fiume Maira/Mera fra Svizzera e Italia.