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An idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graubünden to Italy, Bregaglia is a paradise for hikers and mountain climbers, but also a quier refuge for artists.


Stato dei sentieri escursionistici

Stato dei sentieri escursionistici - estate 2015

sentieri miniaturaViabilità dei sentieri della valle.

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Yoga and meditation

Hike a little. Stretch a little. Sing a little. Breathe a lot.

yoga 2  Soglio,11th Annual Yoga, Meditation and Hiking Retreat


Video Arte Palazzo Castelmur

Video Arte Palazzo Castelmur

arteevideocastelmurDurante l'estate 2015 il Palazzo Castelmur diventa per la seconda volta il luogo specifico della mostra «Video Arte Palazzo Castelmur»


Game room


LudotecaAt the tourist office in Maloja, there is a game room. It is similar to a library, but instead of being filled with books, it is filled with toys.


FdC 2015 2