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An idyllic alpine valley that connects the canton of Graubünden to Italy, Bregaglia is a paradise for hikers and mountain climbers, but also a quier refuge for artists.


Stato dei sentieri escursionistici

Stato dei sentieri escursionistici - estate 2015

sentieri miniaturaViabilità dei sentieri della valle.

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Via Sett

Following the footsteps of the Romans

Via SettVia Sett is a wonderful hiking trail that spans across three valleys and three villages.


Musica e Natura

28ma edizione

MeN_piccolaImperdibili concerti nei luoghi più suggestivi della Val Bregaglia, edizione 2015


Alternative Excursions

Some routes

LibroThe following alternative routes are described in the book, BERGELL – Die schönsten Wanderungen, by Guido Lisignoli, Lyasis editions. This book is published in German and Italian.


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