Via Bregaglia and Via Sett

Via Bregaglia

Between art and nature

The Via Bregaglia is a magnificent cross-border, cultural hiking trail that slices through the Bregaglia Valley. The journey begins in Maloja and finishes in Chiavenna (or visa versa).

Starting at 1800 meters above sea level, you will descend to 300m and experience a vastly changing landscape, leaving you in a Mediterranean-like environment.
Over the centuries, smugglers used these high trails to transport goods across the border.
Nowadays, the path is much more comfortable, but do NOT forget to bring your ID.
There are three different routes hikers can choose from. Each one has its own historical and artistic story and offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic views in the region. Depending on the trail chosen, the trek can be tackled in three or four stages.


Via Bregaglia - routes
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Via Sett


Following the footsteps of the Romans


Along the way you can admire magnificent alpine scenery with a rich history. The trail derives its name from Passo del Settimo, a pass made famous by the Roman conquerors.During spring, summer and autumn, the trail is walkable and stretches a total of 93 km. The hike can take up to 5 days to complete. There are options to shorten the individual stages (5 to 7.5 hours of walking daily) by taking public transport.The walk begins in Thusis, Grisons, and continues through Ela Park. After passing over the Settimo Pass, you continue walking down through Bregaglia until you reach Chiavenna, Italy. The grand landscapes and rich history give the feeling of "traveling through time."Via Sett offers many accommodations that include breakfast, luggage transfers, snacks, a map and, most importanly, a warm welcome. The package can be customized to fit the duration of your stay and departure & arrival points.For more information on booking and route description, please visit the website:


Bregaglia Valley - simply authentic

ARTipasto culturale Bregagliotto

×NO_TRANSLATION 29 marzo - 2 aprile 2018


×NO_TRANSLATION  #Forzabregaglia – Un simbolo di solidarietà diventa slogan turistico La Bregaglia: una valle, due realtà #Forzabregaglia

Situazione a Bondo e in Val Bondasca


Giovanni Segantini

Pointillist in Maloja. In 1858, Giovanni Segantini was born in Arco, which, at the time, belonged to Austria. In 1894, he and his family moved to Bregaglia.

Festival della Castagna

×NO_TRANSLATIONDal 1° al 22 ottobre 2017 la castagna sarà protagonista in Bregaglia.

Il riccio della castagna e "Das grüne Seidentuch"

×NO_TRANSLATIONCombinare racconti e passeggiate per scoprire e rivivere la storia della Bregaglia.

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